The new, more elegant ’65 Chevrolets


’65 Chevrolet — The roof is new and so is everything underneath it

You can tell just by looking that Chevrolet is far more elegant for ’65. But you have to drive it to know how new and advanced it really is.

It’s lower, the Fisher Body is longer and wider and the wheels are farther apart for new stability on the road.

The suspension system is improved to make Chevrolet’s Jet-smooth ride even smoother. (There’s a coil spring at each wheel and some 700 sound and shock deadeners placed throughout the car!)

There are two different standard engines your 1965 Chevrolet can be equipped with — a 140-hp six or a 195-hp V8.

They take it nice and easy on gas and, at the same time, pour out more than enough smooth, responsive power for the kind of driving most people do.

If you want still more power, there are four other V8s you can order. A 250-hp. A 300-hp. A 340-hp. A 400-hp.

And with any of those engines, a long, spacious, heavy, elegant, luxuriously appointed ’65 Chevrolet becomes something breath-taking to drive.

When you drive it (and we hope you’ll do that soon), there are other nice new things you’ll notice.

The upholstery inside is lush new vinyls and fabrics.

Chevrolet now has curved side windows which give you more shoulder room. The instrument panel is deeply recessed with the elegant look of hand-rubbed walnut trim on Impala models.

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And yet even after all that, there is still a lot more that’s new for your Chevrolet dealer to show you when you come in.

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