The new look in immigration (1965)

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The new look in immigration

Under rules just approved by Congress, officials forecast these changes in the flow of immigrants to the US:

From southern and eastern Europe: Biggest rise in immigrants is expected from these regions. Thousands of Italian, Greek, Polish and Portuguese relatives of U.S. residents are waiting to be admitted.

From Asia: Many more immigrants expected, since racial restrictions on Indians and Orientals are wiped out. Skilled workers and professional people get preference, but unskilled are not excluded.

From Latin America: A rush of immigrants is likely until mid-1968. Then, a limit of 120,000 a year is to apply on people from the Western Hemisphere.

From northern and western Europe: Fewer immigrants due from British Isles and Germany; about the same number as in the recent past from other countries. Guaranteed quotas for North Europeans are ended.

From Africa: Increases in immigrants likely, but probably on a limited scale. Small quotas of the past were seldom filled and few Africans are expected to meet entry standards for individuals.

The new look in immigration-1965

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