The new Ford Club Wagon (1968)

The idea for the new Ford Club Wagon van

Try cramming 12 campers into a standard wagon, and you’ll see where Ford Motor Company got the idea for the new Ford Club Wagon.

Too many people? Too little space? Ford Motor Company engineers have a better idea. Club Wagons that practically let you custom design the scaling. For five, eight, or twelve passengers. Or nine passengers and one table. Cargo? Our new Club Wagons give you more space than any others.

Because of exclusive Twin-I-Beam suspension they ride smooth, quiet as a car. Which isn’t the only Club Wagon exclusive. There’s outside servicing for gas, oil and water. Interiors that look like they belong in less practical surroundings. You get more value in a Ford Club Wagon. Not to mention 12 campers.

Ford…has a better idea



Ford Club Wagon: A better idea!

New 12-man wagon changes floor plans to fit your plans.


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