The broad appeal of the Chevrolet El Camino (1965)

The broad appeal of El Camino

El Camino is doing lots of things for lots of people — beautifully. It’s proving to have wide appeal. 

That’s because it offers a body (by Fisher) that’s good-looking enough to be seen anywhere and, at the same time, a chassis and pickup box that are made for work. El Camino will transport you pleasurably, like a fine car, then turn right around and do the chores like a light-duty truck.

Ranchers, suburbanites, salesmen, farmers and many others are enjoying El Camino today. It carries up to 1,200 lbs. of payload and can be ordered with bucket seats, air conditioning, 4-speed transmission, power windows, power steering and transistorized radio. Also, deep-pile carpeting, tachometer and other extras that will add to your enjoyment.

Does the broad appeal of El Camino appeal to you? For more information on how this versatile beauty will fit into your scheme of things, see your Chevrolet dealer.



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