Tape it with GE’s new family tape recorder (1965)

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Tape it.

General Electric’s new Family Tape Recorder costs under $40

It’s a new idea. It’s a portable tape recorder designed by General Electric for the whole family to use. Use it to record baby’s first words. Birthday and partytime fun. Dad can test out a speech, record a lecture. Teenagers can tape jazz. Mother can tape a voice-letter to send to her son in the Service.

It’s easy to operate. Just press the button to record, rewind, play back or stop.

It’s rugged. Plays back words and music with a clear, true sound on 1/2-hour reels. (General Electric is first to design Ultra-Balance into an inexpensive tape recorder. This engineering breakthrough installs a precision-balanced flywheel into the recorder’s capstan drive to give you the constant tape speed so important for faithful fidelity.)

It’s portable. Goes anywhere. Works on 4 standard flashlight batteries. Operates in any position. Special Safety Brake prevents tape from ever spilling off reels. (That’s GE engineering, again.)

The price is family-budget size, under $40. See it at your dealer’s. Try it. If you have a family camera, you should also have a new General Electric Family Tape Recorder.

General Electric's new Family Tape Recorder 11-26-1965-tech

GENERAL ELECTRIC – Radio Receiver Department, Utica, New York

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Actual price varies with dealer. Slightly higher West and South.

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