Ford Mustang: Sweetheart of the Supermarket Set (1966)

Sweetheart of the Supermarket Set

Mustang is a sweetheart no matter how you look at it. Aesthetically. Economically. Its good looks are standard equipment. As are bucket seats, all-vinyl interiors, full carpeting. And economy is a Mustang specialty… particularly when it comes with six-cylinder emphasis. Your Mustang with its “getaway” six races to the market, drops off the kids, picks up the man in your life…all in one gas-saving breath.

Step out of this one in the parking lot and the whole supermarket recognizes you as a girl who’s as smart as she is pretty. As a matter of fact, you are! You’ve earned your “A” in Home Economics.

Sweetheart of the Supermarket Set


So you chose a Six for your Mustang! Congratulations.

Now don’t forget to wave when you pass your gas station… (someday you might have a flat)

You’re behind the wheel of one of the snappiest, brightest, best-looking, common sense cars in the world today: Mustang with its big, hot 200 cubic-inch Six.

This Mustang makes gas economy standard . .. is real bright about adjusting its own brakes… is dead right about not making unnecessary trips for routine maintenance (just about every 6000 miles or 6 months is enough). And it maneuvers easily into tight parking spots.

Nobody will deny you’re driving one of the most dashing cars around. With no-cost trappings like bucket seats. Floor-mounted, fully synchronized, 3-speed shift. Vinyl trim.  Door-to-door car carpeting.

That’s your basic Mustang … dash plus savvy. You can add many, many more options for extra dash. Say, that’s you, isn’t it? Aren’t you glad you took the time for a test drive at your Ford Dealer’s!

So you chose a Six for your Mustang! Congratulations

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