Southern California: Spectacular ’60

Southern California: Spectacular ’60

Come any time! The fun lasts all year. Enjoy all our famous attractions… plus dozens of colorful, exciting events. Find hundreds of new vacation experiences all around you.

In 1960, find a new world of sunny scenes, plus a bonus of exciting special events! Come out any time — the big Southern California Spectacular ’60 celebration is on right now and lasts all year.

Southern California Spectacular 60

  • SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SYMBOLS: A sun-warmed pool, azaleas in full bloom.
  • HOLLYWOOD BOWL SYMPHONIES UNDER THE STARS: July-August. In 38 years stopped by weather twice.
  • BIG LEAGUE BASEBALL: See champ Dodgers play. Starting April.
  • HOLLYWOOD AT NIGHT: Nearby see giant movie and TV studios, the stars’ footprints.
  • TURTLE SWEEPSTAKES: They’re loosed in a circle, first one out wins.
  • GRUNION RUNS: Certain nights they flop up on beaches, are caught for fish fries. June-August.
  • CATAMARANS glide over a quiet Pacific bay. Sailing is one of our year round snorts.
  • RODEO SEASON starts in spring, attracts many top cowboy stars.
  • FLYING FISH RETURN: World’s largest skim over Avalon Bay. April.
  • “THE STACK”: Our freeways come together here at the downtown interchange.
  • BEVERLY HILLS: Typical scene at one of the world’s most beautiful residential areas.
  • PALMS AND MOUNTAIN SNOW: Mt San Bernardino towers over orange groves.

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On arrival, visit the All-Year Club free Information Center, 628 W. 6th St., Los Angeles. Get official information on attractions and events, with helpful directions. You’re Welcome!


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