Sorry, Qubic, Risk and Spill & Spell games (1969)

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If they’ve already got Monopoly… let them go chase each other! Sorry is a perennial favorite because it puts players of all ages on an equal footing. And it’s easy to learn. Special cards control the exciting chase, and unexpected moves build suspense till the last minute. Since both luck and skill are involved, even the young can win.



If they’ve already got Monopoly… boggle their minds in 3 dimensions

People of all ages are quickly spellbound by Qubic, a fascinating 3-D tic-tac-toe game! Note the ingenious see-through plastic playing levels. Then imagine the challenge of lining up markers horizontally, vertically or diagonally, while competing on all four levels at the same time!



There are new worlds to conquer

Risk is a big, lavish game with a handsome board and 450 playing pieces! It gives you delightful delusions of grandeur as you dream up strategies for capturing vast territories, hurl power against power, and make sweeping, dramatic moves. No wonder Risk can keep the whole family enthralled for hours!


Spill & Spell

Crosswords can be a challenge

Spill and Spell is one of the few games you can play alone, with a partner, or with a group – anywhere, any time! You score points by making crosswords (the longer, the better) with the 15 lettered dice, before the timer runs out. It’s tough enough for the crossword puzzle buff, yet fun for youngsters too!

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