Snuggle up to the world’s most complex machine (1968)

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You knew your child was bright…

but did you know he could operate the most complex machine in the world?

Western Electric helped build this machine — the nationwide Bell telephone network — so anyone can use it simply, easily.

You turn on this machine by lifting the handset. You dial, and millions of complex parts seek out the one number you want — out of more than 100,000,000 telephones.

Our job in the Bell System is  to build it well, so that it responds to your fingertips. Or even your child’s.

Simple, isn’t it?

Bell telephone bright child 1968


We often snuggle up to your ear.

Maybe it’s time you knew us better.

We are Western Electric. And we’ve been ear-close for years. Because, as part of the Bell System, we make telephones for the Bell telephone companies across the land.

We’re as close as your fingertips, too, whenever you dial. Because we also provide cable, wire and call-switching systems that connect you when you phone. It’s our job in the Bell System — to make and supply things to help you communicate.

The snuggler.

bell telephone - We often snuggle up to your ear-1968


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