Smooth-riding Ford pickup trucks (1966)

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Independent tests prove Ford Pickups ride best.

Be independent. Test-drive one yourself.

Don’t take our word. Test reports by a leading independent research laboratory show Ford pickups rode more smoothly than the other leading makes.

But no need to take their word, either. Check out Ford’s ride yourself. See how the two front axles work independently, so that shocks at one wheel aren’t passed to the other. Or to the driver. Next, get behind the wheel. Give that pickup as independent a ride test as you can. You’ll feel better. And so will we. Because either way — our independent tests or yours — you’ll have the word.

Smooth-riding Ford pickup truck 1966

Makes a fine second car. Or a wonderful first truck.

Does the fact that Ford pickups ride more like a car than a truck mean we’ve gone soft? Quite the contrary.

Few years back, we had a forged I-beam axle up front. Now we have two, one for each front wheel, working independently. Shocks at one wheel don’t get passed over to the other. Or to the driver. Ford also puts husky radius rods up front. That’s to hold wheel alignment and stretch your rubber more miles.

Even the engines have big muscle: two husky Sixes have such punch, we had to develop a big new V-8 to keep ahead of them. So, relax. Enjoy Ford’s smooth ride. Just remember that deep down under all that velvet is a solid truck, with extra toughness where it counts. Very comforting.

Smooth-riding Ford pickup trucks 1966

You’re ahead in a Ford all the way: Ford ’66

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