Smart styles to stitch: Perky plaid kitchen decor (1966)

Perky plaid curtains, blender cover & tool hanger

Perky plaid-sewing-projects-kitchen-1966

To make curtains, cut length of plaid, plus solid-color fabric for cuff, to height of windows, allowing extra 4 inches on the plain, and 6 inches on the plaid for heading, hems, and seams. Sew lengths together. Make fold on seam line and stitch 1/2 inch from edge for cuff effect. Hem sides and bottom, add heading you prefer, and trim with rickrack.

For blender cover, cut circle of plain terry to fit width of the blender. Cut plaid long enough to fit around circle. Make height to size of blender. Baste fabric to the circle, and sew. Add plain cuffs as on curtains.

Make tool hanger by covering plywood with matching fabric. Add cup hooks.

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