Sheriff won the West in a 1960 Rambler Custom 4-door Hardtop

Sheriff nabs notorious tank robber

“Shucks, sheriff,” the deputy cried. “We lose more bandits this-away. Either your big old car runs out of gas, or it’s too wide for the pass. Reckon we better change?”

“Yup,” said the sheriff.

Suddenly they were surrounded by an Indian: “How,” said he, “about-um new foreign-type US car?”

“Reckon we’d flatten our 20-gallon hats tryin’ to get in them pint-size doors,” said the deputy. “Yup,” said the sheriff.

Then, in a cloud of dust, with the speed of light, came a lone Rambler, with big car room and comfort, small car economy and handling ease.

“Reckon we’re rescued!” said the deputy.

“Yap,” said the sheriff.

So they slipped through the pass and cornered the bandits. “Reckon Rambler is easiest to handle in tight spots,” said the deputy.

“Never rattles thanks to Single-Unit construction.”

“Yap,” said the sheriff.


Away they went — sheriff, deputy and four 6-foot bandits — with hatroom, holster room, bootroom for all. “Rambler’s the biggest star since Texas,” said the deputy.

“Yap,” said you-know-who.

And in no time at all, the sheriff won the West in his 1960 Rambler — saved hundreds of dollars on price, gas, and resale value, too.

Reckon you can do likewise. Why not mosey in to your Rambler dealer’s this week?

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1960 RAMBLER CUSTOM 4-DOOR HARDTOP… 6 or V-8. Backed by 10 years and 25 billion miles.

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