Shari Lewis & Lambchop pitch carpet (1965)

Positively playproof

The unique properties of Polycrest make new Graceleigh carpet by Firth positively playproof…. You said a mouthful, Lampchop… positively playproof and only $8.95 square yard.”

You have never seen carpet like this before — combining such range of color, such luxury of pile with so many practical advantages. See? Shari Lewis’ friends prove it’s play-proof, childproof, pet-proof, party-proof! Firth does it all with Polycrest, a newly-developed polypropylene olefin carpet fiber from US Rubber. Its unique properties account for the elegant pile and brilliant coloring at such a low price! It’s so impervious to soil that spills lie on top, waiting to be blotted up, and dust goes elsewhere to settle. Call the kids in. Give Graceleigh carpet the harest test.

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