See the ’61 Wide-Track Pontiac Bonnevilles & Trophy V-8

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Drive to the tune of a Wide-Track Pontiac Trophy V-8 (1961)

Wide-Track makes it a great day for driving to the tune of a Pontiac V-8 (1961)

Your Pontiac whisks you from driveway to roadway with unswerving balance. Curves and turns come and go. But you sit comfortably unmoved.

We achieve such roadworthy balance this way: Body width has been trimmed, side overhang almost eliminated. More weight is placed between the wheels.

The new Trophy V-8 delivers more of what Pontiac is famous for. And on regular gas if you choose the Trophy Economy V-8 with its dollar-saving lower compression ratio.

Want to start tomorrow off right? See your fine Pontiac dealer.

Pontiac  Trophy V-8 & Trophy Economy V-8

Drive to the tune of a Wide-Track Pontiac Bonneville Vista & Trophy V-8 (1961)

Your driving habits have changed — and so has the Wide-Track Pontiac

You probably spend a lot mere time in your car than you used to. More stop-and-go city driving. More short trips. More long ones, too. You park, get in and out of your car more often.

Pontiac has kept pace with you. Doors are wider to ease your getting in and out. There’s more room inside. Yet, there’s a more parkable, garageable, maneuverable size, Excess weight has been carefully trimmed to give you go that goes easy on gas.

In town or country. Pontiac takes the effort out of roadwork. Curves and corners come and go, but you sit steady and straight, thanks to the built-in balance of Pontiac’s new Wide-Track, And Pontiac’s famous V-8 performance gives you a comforting confidence on a turnpike or in traffic.

If you want the car that’s changed as much as your driving habits, see your fine Pontiac dealer.

Shown: The Bonneville Vista for ’61

Feb 24, 1961 Wide Track Pontiac cars

Rich fabrics, fine appointments (and real genius) that’s what Pontiac interiors are made of

This is just one of 42 interiors which make you so proud to open the door of a ’61 Pontiac.

There are 14 choices of interiors in the Catalina alone.

In certain Bonnevilles, you may find yourself asking if the soft wool/nylon stripe material is available to your tailor. (Only if he procures it from a Bonneville.)

Even if you look twice, you’d say the Jacquard cloth in a Star Chief is studded with real diamond chips. (An effect created by our weavers.)

Prize real leather? It’s regular equipment in Bonneville Convertibles. We hand rub it. So will you. The Morrokide in the Ventura (and other models) is richly grained, lastingly handsome.

Each handle, armrest and ashtray is designed, built and fitted with Pontiac’s traditional care for detail. The final inspection, of course, is reserved for you. Plan to make it soon at your fine Pontiac dealer’s.

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Pontiac has the widest track of any car. Body width trimmed to reduce side over-hang. More weight balanced between the wheels for sure-footed stability.

Shown: Bonneville Sports Coupe in three-tone Morrokide

1961 Wide-Track Pontiac cars

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