Rambler wins 1963 Motor Trend “Car of the Year”

Rambler wins 1963 Motor Trend “Car of the Year” Award

America’s most wanted automotive honor, the coveted “Car of the Year” Award from Motor Trend Magazine, goes to Rambler ’63 over all other cars. Big reason: A whole host of new and major Rambler betterments which are available in no other cars.

Most important betterment is all-new Advanced Unit Construction in Rambler Classic Six or V-8, and in Ambassador V- 8 — a years-ahead breakthrough in car building. It provides vastly increased strength — permits long, flowing lines in a car almost 3 inches lower, yet with full headroom for six 6-footers, amazingly easier entrance and exit, with curved glass side windows that permit doors to curve into the roof.

A major advance in power transfer — Tri-Poised Power — brings new velvet smoothness at all speeds. The entire car is so trouble-free and service-free, it’s the longest-lasting Rambler ever. Come see and try the ’63 Ramblers — the most beautiful Ramblers ever built — now at your Rambler dealer.

1963 Rambler Classic Six 770 4-Door Sedan

American Motors — Dedicated To Excellence


Rambler awarded 1963 CAR OF THE YEAR Trophy by Motor Trend Magazine

Shown: 1963 Rambler Classic Six “770” 4-Door Sedan. Available with 198-hp V-8 engine. Floor shift, bucket seats, console, headrests optional.

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