Pontiac’s GTO stands on its specs (1969)

It’s the official car of the U.S. Ski Team. But don’t let that snow you.

Pontiac’s GTO stands on its specs. Always has. Always will.

You can do that when you’ve got a standard 350-horse, 400-cube Quadra-jet V-8 going for you. Plus a 366-hp V-8 and a 370-hp Ram Air IV V-8 waiting to be ordered. (Both come with controls on the instrument panel to open and close those anything-but-dainty nostrils on the hood.)

You can do it when you’ve got a fully synchronized 3-speed cogbox with a floor-mounted Hurst shifter. Or a close-ratio 4-speed or Turbo Hydra-matic. Order either.

And you can do it when you’ve got the swiftest lines to come along since NASA started shooting for green cheese. All capped off by an Endura snout that refuses to ding. If you’re snowed by those goodies, OK.

Find out more at your Pontiac dealer’s. While you’re there, ask about an official U.S. Ski Team poster. It’ll prove you’re not alone in your enthusiasm.

The Wide-Track Family for ’69: Grand Prix, Bonneville, Brougham, Executive, Catalina, GTO, LeMans, Custom S, Tempest and Firebird. Pontiac Motor Division.

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