Pontiac: Here it’s 1968 and you’ve never played Wide-Tracking?

If you think Wide-Tracking is just a slogan, you’ve never been behind the wheel of The Great One.

Slogans don’t straighten curves. Or conquer hills with the ease of an Alpine tram. But then, not many cars do, either. Which is why our GIG is so reverently referred to as The Great One. The GTO’s ability in the aforementioned situations can be traced partly to its standard 400-cubic-inch, 4-barrel V-8. A 3-speed with Hurst shifter. And Fastrak, redline tires that adhere to the road like glue clings to your fingers.

However, The Great One didn’t merit Motor Trend magazine’s “Car of the Year” accolade merely for its driving prowess. Its polished sheet metal is molded into the shape of tomorrow. And up front the world’s most fantastic bumper. So fantastic, you have to kick it to believe it. So when you next read that Wide-Tracking in a GTO is great, don’t shrug and turn the page. See your Pontiac dealer. Where test drives speak louder than words.

Great American Sports also dig Le Mans, Firebird, Catalina, Bonneville and Grand Prix.

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Here it’s 1968 and you’ve never played Wide-Tracking? Maybe you’re not a great American sport.

Here’s your big chance to find out. Pontiac’s Firebird for 1968. With bucket seats, wide-oval tires, a European-inspired, 175-hp Overhead Cam Six engine and some of the most exotic sheet metal ever to grace a sports car. And, if our basic fun machine doesn’t bring out the sport in you, you’ve still got four more chances, ranging all the way up to the 335-hp Firebird 400 H.O.

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With twin hood scoops, dual exhausts, redline wide-ovals and heavy-duty floor shift. Each of the Magnificent Five carries our new bag of safety features, including windshield pillar padding. And if, after you’ve tried Wide-Tracking, none of the great American sports cars has gotten under your skin, what have you lost? You can go right back to spending your evenings at home.

Great American sports cars also dig Le Mans, GTO, Catalina, Bonneville and Grand Prix. Pontiac Motor Division.

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And all along you thought you had to forsake Wide-Tracking when you moved up to a luxury car.

We have no idea how this misconception ever got off the ground. For, as you can observe below. Bonneville isn’t just another fantastic Pontiac. It begins with a long, lean body, poised on the biggest wheelbase we make-124 inches. Inside, you’re greeted by the opulence of nylon-blend broadloom that extends door-to-door and then some. Generous swathes of simulated burl grained Carpathian elm abound on doors and dash. And upholstery is no less fine: everything from exquisite cloth and supple Morrokide, to all-Morrokide.

And if you’re the kind who requires even more pampering, there’s our Brougham Option. It includes extra touches of luxury like rich, cloth upholstery so stately you may not want to be seated. Bonneville a luxury car? Definitely. Wide-Track? The Widest. So who says Wide-Tracking has to end when you’re ready to move up. When your time comes, see your Pontiac dealer.

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We’ve just received our 4th Car of the Year award. But with a car like this, what did you expect?

Below, the 1968 GTO, better known as The Great One. It’s this year’s recipient of Motor Trend magazine’s Car of the Year award. Which means that Pontiac now has the distinction of being the only car manufacturer in the world to have won this award four separate times. The award was given for the engineering of the whole car. The most significant feature of which is a revolutionary bumper that’s so fantastic you have to kick it to believe it.

And The Great One’s amazing super-snout is not only the same lustrous color as the car, but it won’t chip, fade or corrode. But don’t get the impression that The Great One is all show. With a 400-cubic-inch, 4-barrel V-8 or our optional Ram Air engine with deep-breathing scoops, the GTO is Wide-Tracking at its ultimate. With all this going for The Great One, did you really have any doubts about which car is this year’s Car of the Year? Seems like everything our engineers touch turns to great.

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Learn the great American sport of Wide-Tracking in a great American sports car.

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