Pontiac Grand Prix: Not just a big, beautiful car (1963)

If you think the Grand Prix is just a big, beautiful, elegant car, you obviously haven’t driven it.

Ignore the Grand Prix’s urbane good looks for the moment. (Force yourself.)

Consider, instead, what makes the car able to whisk from hither to yon in such effortless style: The standard engine, you see, is a Trophy V-8 of no less than 303 bhp, with other engines available that run up the scale to 370 bhp. So that you’ll know what your engine is up to, there’s a tachometer on synchromesh-equipped GPs (replaced by a manifold vacuum gauge on Hydra-Matic GPs). And then, to channel a GP’s energy in the right direction, there’s that straightener of winding roads (and great leveler of uneasy roads) — Wide-Track.

Now think about those good looks. All the way down to your Pontiac dealer’s.



If you don’t want to be looked at wherever you go, don’t go in this!

We’re nothing if not anxious to help you lose your heart to our new Grand Prix. In fact, we’ll not only let you look to your heart’s content, we’ll tell you a bit about it.

You’ll find a pair of deep bucket seats up front, separated by a handy control console. A throttle that connects you to our 389-cubic-inch, 303-hp Trophy V-8 (standard, by the way). Rich carpeting that may never wear out, as far as our testers can tell right now. Self-adjusting brakes (like all Pontiacs).

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But we’d better save some of the GP’s wonders for our dealers — we figure you ought to be on your way to one of them just about now.

Pontiac Grand Prix


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