Over a thousand objects in space (1966)

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More than a thousand objects from earth are known to be in space now

Clearly visible much of the time: 6 big, light-reflecting U.S. satellites (3 spheres, 3 rectangles)

Often visible: 243 space vehicles (191 U.S.; 45 Soviet; 3 French; 2 British; 2 Canadian)

Occasionally visible: 870 pieces of space junk such as rocket casings, satellite parts

Total: 1,119 man-made objects known to be in orbit

Debris in skies is increasing, may account for some of recent “saucer sightings.” Actual number of pieces changes almost daily as new objects are shot up, old pieces fall out of orbit into earth’s atmosphere where most burn up. All space vehicles and parts follow regular paths, appear like moving stars — never hover, zigzag, or dart about.

Basic data: NASA

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