No ordinary pickup: 1968 Dodge Adventurer

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When the day’s over for ordinary pickups, Dodge Adventurer Plays on.

If your pickup heads for the barn with the livestock at night, you’re missing a lot. Because you don’t know about Dodge Adventurer, the pickup that plays as hard as it works, and is always ready for more.

Consider what the Adventurer offers you: optional foam-padded, vinyl-trimmed bucket seats; standard full wall-to-wall carpeting; an optional 383-cubic-inch V8, and the kind of good looks (inside and out) you’d take anywhere.

And don’t forget the special equipment air conditioning, and the standard Cushion-Beam Suspension that gives you a town and country ride.

But with all this, Adventurer is priced right along with the kind of pickups you’d rather hide away at night, give or take a few dollars.

For a close look at the pickup that’s always ready to lead a double life, see the Adventurer at your nearby Dodge Truck Dealer’s.

Dodge Adventurer leads a double life.


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