New & classic Fisher-Price preschool toys (1965)

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New shopping guide for particular parents from Fisher-Price toys

Fun, durable, safe, educational… for the precious preschool years when Christmas means so much

World’s largest creator of preschool toys

fisher-price-toys-dec-1968 (1)

Newly-introduced and classic Fisher-Price preschool toys

  • New Fisher-Price Dump Truckers
  • New colorful plastic stringing beats
  • New “Mary had a Little Lamb” color TV music box. Also available: “Hey Diddle Diddle”
  • Chatter telephone
  • New Jolly Jalopy
  • New lacing shoe with play family
  • New “Pop! Goes the Weasel” TV radio. Also available: 10 Little Indians, Jack n Jill, Farmer-in-the-Dell.
  • Creative Coaster
  • New Milk Wagon
  • Snoopy Sniffer
  • New School Bus
  • Pull-a-Tune Xylophone
  • Huffy Puffy Train
  • Music box – Tick Tock Clock
  • Corn Popper
  • New pound and saw bench — makes sawing sound “Just like daddy’s”
  • Fisher-Price cash register


fisher-price-toys-dec-1968 (3)


fisher-price-toys-dec-1968 (4)

Look for the F-P red and blue package at toy counters everywhere

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