Baseball player Mickey Mantle’s profitable sidelines

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Mickey Mantle baseball special: Free glove with purchase of cigars

“Great glove, Son!” “You said it, Dad!”

Mickey Mantle father and son baseball glove offer from 1964 (1)

Rawlings “finest in the field”

Full-leather lined — deep well pocket — leather web

$6.95 retail value, only $3.99 with 20 Phillies cigar bands!

Now… for less than half price… get your favorite baseball fan this beautiful glove… while you enjoy the good taste of Phillies Cigars in 12 great shapes.

FREE with Phillies Baseball Glove Special — autographed color picture of Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle father and son baseball glove offer from 1964 (2)


Big illustrated booklet — just for trying Mickey’s favorite soap — Lifebuoy!

Don’t miss this chance! Be the first kid on your block to read Mickey Mantle’s own batting secrets! This booklet tells you how Mickey grips the bat — swings — follows through!
Imagine you — fielding, throwing, knocking out base hits and homers like Mickey Mantle himself!

Now Mickey’s pennant-winning secrets are written down for you to read — in “How I Hit.” This big, fully illustrated booklet is yours free — just for using Mickey’s favorite soap, today’s Lifebuoy.

Mickey wants you to see for yourself how Lifebuoy gets you cleaner than any other soap, after a big game or any time you. bathe. See why Mickey Mantle’s whole family loves the new Lifebuoy. It smells just wonderful — and it lets you keep that just-bathed freshness all day long, from one bath to the next.

Easy! Here’s All You Do To Get “How I Hit,” By Mickey Mantle Send no money. Just clip out the coupon on this page. Mail it in with the front panels from 3 Lifebuoy cartons, any size — bath or regular. We’ll rush you your copy of “How I Hit.” Send in today — and watch your own batting average soar!

Mickey Mantle's batting secrets book - How I Hit (1956)

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