Mickey Mantle father & son baseball glove offer (1964)

Mickey Mantle baseball special

“Great glove, Son!”

“You said it, Dad!”

mickey-mantle-baseball-glove-may-22-1964 (2)

Rawlings “finest in the field”

Full-leather lined — deep well pocket — leather web

$6.95 retail value, only $3.99 with 20 Phillies cigar bands!

Now… for less than half price… get your favorite baseball fan this beautiful glove… while you enjoy the good taste of Phillies Cigars in 12 great shapes.

FREE with Phillies Baseball Glove Special — autographed color picture of Mickey Mantle

mickey-mantle-baseball-glove-may-22-1964 (1)

Phillies Cigars Presents

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