Lee Harvey Oswald’s Dallas police info (1963)

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Here are Lee Harvey Oswald’s mugshots and fingerprints, all taken in Dallas the day after he shot President John F Kennedy (and the day before Oswald himself was shot and killed). You will also find the original arrest record/police report from the day of the assassination.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s mugshots



Fingerprints of Lee Harvey Oswald — 11-23-63

Arrest report on investigative prisoner

Name: Lee Harvey Oswald

Date: 11-22-63

Time: 1:40pm

White male

Age: 24

Date of birth: October 19-39

Home address: 1026 N Beckley

Address where arrest made: 231 W Jefferson

Type premises: Theatre

Charge: Inv. murder & ass’lt to murder

Other details of the arrest: This man shot and killed President John F Kennedy and Police Office J D Tippit. He also shot and wounded Governor John Connally.


Arresting officer: M N McDonald

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  1. I was wondering if there are any records kept on Lee Harvey Oswalds time card punches at the TSBD the week before the assassination?

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