This was the first telephone booth…

…but today’s serve you better by far, wherever you are!

It was “invented” in 1877. Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas A Watson had to shout into the primitive telephone on intercity tests. This annoyed their Boston landlady.

Then Watson had an idea. One night he rolled some blankets into a loose tunnel, and crawled in with his telephone. It was dark, it was hot, but it worked. While Watson bellowed, the landlady slept serenely!

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The Airlight Booth

Watson’s woolly cave has grown into this modern glass-and-aluminum booth, used indoors or out. At night, it’s a reassuring lighthouse along city streets and major highways. When you see it, you know that service and protection are at hand.

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The walk-up phone: Payphone

As busy Americans make more and more calls, the Bell System makes service even more convenient. This newest public phone, called the Walk-Up, saves time and steps for everybody. You’ll find it as convenient as the corner mailbox.

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The drive-up phone: Phone from car

Like the drive-in movies and drive-in bank, the Drive-Up Phone is a natural for a nation on wheels. Forget something? Late for a date? Need room reservations miles ahead? Just pull off the road and call — as you would on your own phone.

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