Knob, handle & pull appeal (1965)

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Knob appeal

There’s nothing like good hardware for achieving a perfectionist look. Take your pick of these quality pieces for doors, bathroom, and furniture.

1. Mexican black marble sphere knob and backplate of brass and malachite inlay is imported by Paul Assoc, $24.

2. Traditional colonial brass door knocker. Kraft Cabinet Hardware, $18.

3. “Calcutta,” an exterior doorknob in beaded symmetry has backplate in eight sizes, 2-5/8″ to 12″ diameter. Schlage Lock Co. As shown (8″), $155.

4. Versatile brass and malachite pull imported from Mexico can be used on drawers, cabinets, and doors. Available through Paul Assoc, $24.

5. French doorknob and backplate are brass. Chriscot Hardware Co, $26.

6. This sculptured brass doorknob is suitable for a contemporary setting. Functional because it fits the hand. Chriscot Hardware Co, $16.

7. Floral design is hand painted on white china doorknob. A choice of eight colors is available from the Chriscot Hardware Co, $8.

8. Louis XVI design and old-world craftsmanship are combined in this handsome brass door knocker from Paul Assoc, $69.99.

9. Swirl design door lever adds interest to plain door. Paul Assoc, $69.99.

10. Ancient Egyptian design motifs are highlighted in this important-looking exterior doorknob and plaque from Schlage Lock Co, $162.

11. Amusing key door knocker in brass costs $33, from Schlage Lock Co.

1. Dress up a bathroom with brass towel rack. Chriscot Hardware Co, $36.

2. Towel ring is wonderful when space is limited. Matching brass bathroom accessories also available from Chriscot Hardware Co, $12.

3. Empire wreath hook, a classic design, is a space saver. Paul Assoc, $7.50.

4. Elegant glass and brass vanity shelf is perfect for holding your toiletries. Available from M Wolchonok & Son for about $18.95.

5. This five-hook brass bar is ideal for both bathroom and bedroom. This piece is also from M Wolchonok & Son. $6.50.

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