16 kitchen islands: Home inspiration from the ’60s

16 kitchen islands Home inspiration from the 60s

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See what was cookin’ in home design decades ago by checking out these kitchen islands from the ’60s! They combined form with function — and a little fun, too.

Kitchen islands help shorten distances

The Shreveport Journal (Shreveport, Louisiana) Nov 5, 1968

The cook’s tour of the kitchen should be as brief as possible — and islands can help to shorten it.

The well-arranged kitchen island, in fact, may almost eliminate steps in the refrigerator-sink-range work triangle. The actual cooking can be done at the island if the range is installed on it.

Round retro kitchen island from the 60s

With a sink and adjacent workspace, the island can serve as a food preparation center. It may be the place to install the dishwasher, or it can divide working from eating areas.

Whatever the use, ceramic the counters on the island, as on other workspaces in the kitchen, will eliminate heat and spillage damage, and make clean-up easy.

Easily accessible storage is one of the great boons the kitchen island can offer. If it is a cooking island, pots and pans can be stored underneath. Where it borders on an eating area, drawers and sliding trays ran store linens, tableware and baked goods.

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Vintage kitchen islands from the 1960s - home decorating (1)

Vintage kitchen islands from the 1960s - home decorating (2)

Vintage kitchen islands from the 1960s - home decorating (3)

Vintage kitchen islands from the 1960s - home decorating (5)

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Green and red kitchen decor from the sixties - 1966

Vintage kitchen islands from the 1960s - home decorating (4)

Vintage kitchen pass-thru - home decor from the 1960s

Kitchen island from 1960 - Vintage home decor

Cooking on a sunny island

The cook’s always on vacation in this gleaming California kitchen. Surrounded by gay tropical flowers, fiesta colors, and sandy-white stretches of counter space, she gets meals in a breeze on a cooking-top island of ashwood cabinets.

But the holiday aspect of this kitchen doesn’t end with the decor. Every inch of this small-scaled kitchen has been engineered for easy-does-it efficiency. Notice the well-defined and uncluttered work centers, easy-to-clean surfaces, generous storage cabinets, proper cooking-area ventilation, and bright, cheerful lighting.

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For the gourmet cook, there’s plenty of elbow room to dice, slice, shake, and stir. For everyday cooking, here’s a gay sunny place for the lady of the house to speed through her chores. Note the snack bar for the children or coffee-sipping neighbors.

Conveniently accessible to other rooms and the outdoors, the kitchen also incorporates a laundry area tucked behind folding doors and away from the food preparation center.

Look carefully — some of the design concepts in this kitchen may spark ideas to turn your own kitchen into an isle of joy through efficient planning and lively decorating.

Cooking on a sunny island 1965

Modern kitchen from 1968

Vintage circular kitchen island design from 196

Vintage 1960 kitchen with Formica

Slender kitchen island with inset electric stove

Retro kitchen island design from 1962

Retro kitchen island design from 1960

BHG kitchen kideas from 1966

Big open kitchen area with split-level dining area and living room - Vintage interior decor from 1966

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