Kim Novak for Beautyrest mattresses (1960)

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The Temptation of Beautyrest

Another story about the kind of comfort that’s kind to your back

Give Kim Novak an “Oscar” for being smart. She rests her beauty between “takes” of her new Columbia release “Strangers When We Meet.”

When director Richard Quine shouts “cut,” it’s time to relax and refresh. Luckily Beautyrest is in the picture. The best “between chores” rest a movie star or housewife ever had!

This is the mattress with separate back-supporting springs that push up-up-up in the small of your back. In other mattresses, the curve of your back gets very little support. And here’s another reason why more people sleep on Beautyrest than on any other mattress in the world.

Single-bed comfort in a double bed! Because each spring is separate, the heaviest husband cannot disturb his wife’s rest when he turns in his sleep. No rolling together. Beautyrest will never, never sag.

The best costs the least! All tests by the United States Testing Co. have proven that Beautyrest lasts 3 times longer than ordinary mattresses. So Beautyrest is least expensive to own. Choice of firm or extra firm, quilted or tufted — 79.50. Supersizes from $89.50. Also crib-size.


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