Talking dolls & toys: Just pull the Magic Ring (1964)

They talk… talk… talk

Just pull the Magic Ring — you never know what they’ll say next!

BUGS BUNNY — lovable carrot-clutching cut-up of softest rayon plush. About 26 inches tall to the lip of his ears. Pull the Magic Ring and hear him wisecrack in that ol’ familiar voice.

CHARMIN’ CHATTY — Perfect Play mate says 120 things. 5 interchangeable records. Rooted Saran hair

TALKING CASPER the friendly ghost. Mild-mannered Casper in soft rayon plush. Says many different things, as “I’m a friendly ghost”, “I like you-oo,”etc. About 15-inches.

COOL SCUBA DUBA — beautiful beatnik, really “hep” in striped denim shift, 3-strand necklace. Says 11 swinging things at random! Soft, stuffed body, sculptured vinyl head. Shockingly straight, long rooted hair brush, comb, style. About 23-inches tall.

TINY CHATTY BABY comes to hie when you pull the Magic Ring — says if different phrases at random. Movable head & limbs. Vinyl. About 15 inches.

“SHRINKIN’ VIOLETTE” Mattel’s newest delight — pull the Magic Ring and she says 11 different things. As she talks. her mouth moves and her eyelids flutter! Soft body: yarn hair. about 12 inches.

CHATTY CATHY — says 16 phrases at random! Rooted Saran hair in 2 twin ponytails. Vinyl body; movable head, limbs. About 20 inches. Blonde/Brunette hair.


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