Insist on more in ‘64… go Rambler!

Steering-wheel cramps?

Why settle for a one-height steering wheel? Rambler features an optional new Adjust-O-Tilt steering wheel that adjusts to 7 positions for easier entry and most comfortable driving height.

Creeping rust?

Rambler uses rust-fighting galvanized steel in vital body areas. Then Rambler, and only Rambler, dips every car body clear up to the roof in rustproofing compound to saturate the hidden nooks and crannies which ordinary spraying misses. The result: World’s best rustproofing!

Mad for buckets?

Get the greatest choice of bucket seats with the sport-smart new Rambler options! Slim bucket seats with console between. Or wide bucket seats on top-line Rambler Americans and Classics. All recline. And all adjust for individual legroom.

Want a stick shift… but…

…your wife wants an automatic transmission? Rambler offers the perfect answer on all V-8’s — optional Shift-Command Flash-O-Matic. It’s “on the floor.” And you can shift it — or it shifts itself. Just one of seven Rambler transmission choices.

Rambler leads because Rambler listens

Motorists ask for solid, built-in values… Rambler responds with Double-Safety Brake System, Ceramic-Armored exhaust system, its famous Advanced Unit Construction, and many, many more.

All-new 1964 Rambler Classic 770 Hardtop and Rambler Classic 770 Cross Country Station Wagon. Beautifully balanced — big inside and trim outside– Six or 198-hp V-8.

Insist on more in ‘64 — go Rambler!

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Squeezed for room?

There is no passenger squeeze in any Rambler… not even the very lowest priced Rambler American! Headroom compares with, or exceeds, that of many costlier cars. Same for entrance room, legroom, hiproom. So why pay more than low Rambler prices to get room?

Hardtops too high priced?

Have fun by impressing your friends with a glamorous Rambler American hardtop (see below). A car of such magnificent detail, it even has a ball-bearing ashtray! Price? Farr less than you’d expect for this smart beauty!

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Why feed a gas hog?

All fed up with emptying your pockets to fill up a gas guzzler? The sparkling all-new Rambler American delivers its spirited performance together with gas mileage that has topped every economy run officially entered.

Bugged by rattles?

Rambler’s Advanced Unit Construction — now in the Rambler American, too — is the greatest racket-easer of motordom. It’s strong, rugged, rigid, quiet… a breakthrough in car building!

Rambler leads because Rambler listens

Rambler listens to what you want in a car. A good example is the all-new, high-style compact you asked for in ‘64: Rambler American, in exciting hardtops, convertible, sedans, wagons. New ride, new full 6-passenger room, new ideas inside and out!

1964 Rambler American 440-H Hardtop. Compact economy king with new beauty, room and ride. Bucket seats, console, and 138-hp Six, standard. Curved-glass side windows; 33000-mile or 3-year chassis lubrication; Deep-Dip rustproofing.

Insist on more in ‘64… go Rambler! 

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Why don’t we enter high-performance Rambler V-8s in racing?

Because the only race Rambler cares about is the human race!

Racing has a real fascination as professional drivers unleash raw horsepower and flaunt death. It’s a thrilling sport — in the right place.

Out of its proper place, racing is deadly. Yet there are those who are glamorizing and advertising race-track speeds in order to sell cars.

This is not in the public interest, and Rambler will have no part in it.

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Glorification of horsepower tempts teenagers to think high-speed driving is “in” — and safety “out — makes irresponsible drivers even more irresponsible, contributes to the mounting carnage on the nation’s highways.

While many people are still apathetic, growing numbers are joining Rambler’s crusade against the promotion of excessive speed and horsepower.

Are Ramblers underpowered? Emphatically not! Every Rambler delivers spirited performance. Our Ambassador, for instance, offers a 270-hp V-8. It would be no trick at all to beef up that rating to 300-hp or more. But it would serve you no better.

Rambler’s prime concern is for your safety, comfort, satisfaction, and savings.

That’s why every Rambler balances turnpike performance with sensible economy.

It’s why Rambler gives you Advanced Unit Construction, Double-Safety Brakes (separate systems, front and rear); a Ceramic-Armored exhaust system that protects against rust and fume leaks. Plus optional headrests that act as headguards against whiplash if your car is struck from behind.

Rambler spends millions on testing cars before they go on sale, millions more on safety advances. But not one cent to glorify speed.

We welcome your comments, and invite you to join our crusade for safe motoring.

Important note: Rambler is strongly in favor of responsive horsepower and performance — offers engines up to 270 HP. But we are strongly against glamorizing raw horsepower and speed to the point where irresponsible drivers may be tempted to abuse them. We believe automobiles should have the best of both — a sensible and satisfying balance of performance and economy, as well as roominess and handling ease. That’s the way we build Ramblers.

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