Impala: Jet-smoother the Chevrolet Way (1966)

chevrolet-impala-june-1966 (1)

1. Tear off this road.

2. Crumple it up.

3. Now put it under a Chevrolet.

chevrolet-impala-june-1966 (3)

And watch it flatten out again.

All we went through to smooth Chevrolet’s ride was no boondoggle.

We softened shock absorbers. Now they absorb bumps better. We softened bushings and rearranged body mounts. Now they isolate vibrations better.

We matched the coil springs to the different weights of each body style.

We made available a Turbo-Jet V8 to give you as much as 425 smooth horsepower, an AM-FM Multiplex stereo radio to entertain you, Tilt-telescoping steering to let you adjust the wheel up, down, in or out.

And we put Strato-bucket front seats in Super Sport models, so now you can relax and enjoy the ride completely.

Impala: Jet-smoother the Chevrolet Way

chevrolet-impala-june-1966 (2)

Shown: Impala SS Convertible with 8 new features for your added safety, including an outside rear-view mirror. Use it always before passing.

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