How can you catch OJ Simpson? (1969)

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25 years after this ad was published, the answer to the question in the headline would be, “If you’re the police, go on a five-hour low-speed chase through the Los Angeles area.” There would also have to be mention of a murder case, an arrest warrant, and a white Ford Bronco.

How can you catch OJ?

Splurge a big 14 cents a week on a subscription to Sports Illustrated, that’s how! We’ll take you to every game OJ plays. We’ll keep you in there with Fran Tarkenton and Bart Starr and Earl Morrall. We’ll show you what makes OJ Simpson run and what makes Vince Lombardi mad. We’ll bring you…

…Football, 1969. All of it, from September’s first glorious whistle to the last fading cheer in the Super Bowl.

27 weeks for $3.87 is ridiculously low. But we want you to get the habit of SI at the most exciting season of the year when the magazine is so packed with football’s crunch and color that it practically leaps out of your hands. (Not that we plan to ignore the other fall and winter sports, either!)

Act today and you’ll be in time for Sports Illustrated’s two spectacular preview issues on pro and college ball. When did 14 cents a week ever buy you so much action?

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