Hip housekeeping tips from Cosmo (1967)

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Hip Housekeeping

by Colette Dowling

Hip housekeeping tips from Cosmo 1967PROTECT THAT PARTY DRESS. If you’re cooking a potentially messy dish and are afraid an apron wouldn’t be enough protection from splatter and spillage, use a plastic clothes-cover from the dry cleaner’s. Cut holes for your head and arms and slip it on.

FURNITURE POLISHING’S A BORE. The fastest and cheapest way to make your wooden furniture gleam is with lemon oil — sold for about twenty cents a half pint in the supermarket. Just smear it on with one cloth, off with another. The finish isn’t as durable as that of an expensive wax-type product, but the shine and fragrance will last a long evening. What more could you want?

TOO MANY RUNS IN YOUR NYLONS? Try putting a small amount of laundry starch into the water when you rinse them out. The starch will not only help cut down on runs, but will make the stockings slip on easily without clinging.

DO-IT-YOURSELF POP ART will beautify dull kitchen cabinets. For the art, use soup-can labels a la Andy Warhol, or anything else that strikes your fancy — prints, wild ads from glossy magazines, or a combination of all of these. First clean cabinet doors, then camouflage them with an arrangement of the illustrations, each one flush up against the other so that the entire surface of the door will be covered. Stick your art on piece by piece with rubber cement, which comes with its own brush, and is sold in stationery and artist’s supplies stores. Cover each decorated door with a clear, self-adhesive paper (forty-nine cents a yard in hardware, paint and dime stores), which will provide a tough, shiny and washable surface.

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