Chow on a cow, dish on a fish (1960)

Animats place mats

Have your chow on a cow, serve your dish on a fish! Animats are a happy group of whimsical place mats made of vinyl plastic that is backed with non-skid foam rubber and screen printed in soft off-beat colors. Animal shapes include: hen, cow, fish, pig, turtle, and zebra. $1 each in stores. Happy Things, Inc, 480 Lexington Ave, New York 17, NY.

Enamel hide-away trash

Hide-away garbage container for inside of cupboard door swings out of the way under the sink. Made of white baked enamel, it is 11 x 14-1/16″ over all and holds a removable galvanized steel pail. Right- or left-handed models, $10.64. Leigh Building Products, Division of Air Control Products, Inc, Coopersville, Mich.

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