Hallicrafters world range radio (1962)

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It’s already tomorrow on the other side of the world…

…and tonight, you can hear what’s happening on your Hallicrafters world range radio!

Hear the modern pioneers in action!

Hallicrafters World Range Radios bring the words and sounds of adventure into your living room direct — from a huge liner fog-bound at sea to a giant bomber on Arctic patrol. Even America’s Astronauts may be heard on some models!

Your “listening post” for hundreds of countries!

You’re truly in tune with the whole world through your Hallicrafters. On-the-spot news broadcast in English from over 200 foreign stations… and there’s nothing like the real thing for foreign language study!

Hear radio “hams” melt the iron curtain!

No tyrant in history has yet been able to crush the free exchange of good will that occurs every day among the radio amateurs of the world. “Hams” (250,000 strong in the USA alone) are our first line of communication in time of disaster, too. Hear them on your Hallicrafters!


When emergency strikes, you may be on the scene with your Hallicrafters World Range radio. Marine… fire… police… civil defense channels… all at your fingertips.

Beautiful S-120 Hallicrafters World-Range Receiver – Standard Broadcast plus three short wave bands. Foreign, amateur, aviation, marine and emergency frequencies. Has “bandspread” for razor-sharp tuning of close-together stations.

Before you retire tonight, a new dawn of critical world events will begin in the major capitals and trouble spots around the globe.

Yet tonight, through Hallicrafters World Range Radio, tomorrow’s history springs to life in your own home. While it is happening.

With a twist of a knob, you could be listening to Moscow one minute… Berlin… Africa or New Delhi the next. You tune easily through the decisive voices of varied world reaction and opinion – hundreds of English, as well as foreign language broadcasts from the four corners of the earth.

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Never before have you been so thoroughly informed. Never before have you grasped so quickly the full impact of momentous events. Or felt so much a part of them.

It’s incredible what you’ll hear on a Hallicrafters.

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