GE’s clock radio fits on your bedside table (1965)

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Put your hand over this clock radio & see how tiny it actually is.

Now put your hand on your night table — and see how little room this General Electric clock radio actually takes.

That’s why this new model C551 makes such a good Christmas gift. Ladies like the way it subtracts clutter from the bedside table — and adds a stylish accent.

Men admire this — plus the C551’s practical side: its lighted clockface. The pillow speaker jack. The wake-to-music or buzzer feature. The Snooz-Alarm you tap which allows you another 40 winks.

So… put it on your night table in place of your bulky old-timer. Or put it on your desk. And, by all means, put it at the top of your gift list. It costs under $35.*

In fact, why not do all your shopping at your General Electric radio dealer’s?

General Electric clock radio C551 1965

General Electric Radio Receiver Department, Utica, New York

* Manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Actual price vanes with dealer – slightly higher South and West

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