Ford Fairlane GT Hardtop (1967)

Show your stripes!

And show them spectacularly, in a dashing new beauty of a Fairlane.

It’s the family-size sports car with enormous talents: it climbs, turns, corners, and always, always keeps its cool. Which Fairlane for you? How about the. GTA with a whopping 390-cu. in. V-8, and SelectShift, the automatic that also works as a manual. Or, if you’re looking to save a small bundle, try the Fairlane 500 with the big 200-cu. in. Six.

See your Ford dealer. He won his stripes showing people how easy it is to get high performance in beautiful packages, at the right price.

Fairlane GT Hardtop

march-25-1967-ford-Fairlane GT Hardtop



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