FBI says the crime wave keeps growing (1967)


The crime wave keeps growing

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced on September 15 that crime in the US during the first half of 1967 rose by 17 percent over the same period just one year ago.

All major crimes were up sharply in number — robbery 30 percent, murder 20 percent, aggravated assault 11 percent, forcible rape 7 percent, auto theft 19 percent, burglary 18 percent, larceny 16 percent.

The FBI said the upward trend in crime was consistent across the country.

Full-year figures show that 1966 set a new high in crime, and first-half figures indicate that 1967 will be a still bigger year. In six years, 1960-66, crime increased 62 percent.

Here is the detailed record:

1967-The crime wave keeps growing

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