The family electric typewriter: the retro Royal (1969)

The family electric typewriter Royal from 1969 (1)

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Royal: The family electric typewriter

Royal’s new portable all-electric is so easy to use it’s perfect for boys, girls, mothers and fathers who write PTA minutes, term papers, recipe files, office reports, letters to the Mayor, college applications and anything else you’d ever want to put in writing.

A typewriter around the house usually meant there was a student in the family. And that’s as true today as it ever was. Because parents know that a typewriter can help their child in school. But the 1969 family knows that typewriters aren’t just for kids. And that’s why Royal has come up with the Family Electric Typewriter.

Why a Royal?

You can write much faster with a Royal all-electric. Three or four times faster than in long-hand.

Several features make it faster than your old manual typewriter. The all-electric carriage return. A space bar that repeats. Automatic advancement of the paper to the next line. With a Royal all-electric, you get exactly the same impact for every stroke. So the results are even and professional looking.

You can’t do a poor job. Typing on a Royal is so easy it doesn’t tire you out. When students use a Royal all-electric, assignments make a better impression on the teacher. They’re neater, easier to read, and show a sense of pride in the work. A student can concentrate on his work — not on the mechanics of typing.

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The family electric typewriter Royal from 1969 (2)

College. Every parent’s concern

You want your son or daughter to go to a good school. And you’re probably already put-ting away money for their education. A Royal all-electric can help your children get better marks. And, after all, good marks help get them into college. But after your child gets into college, Royal continues helping. Even though it’s fully electric, it’s a portable. It can go away to school with no trouble because it weighs just a little more than 17 pounds. It comes in a molded carrying case.

Royal is a family affair

Why shouldn’t a mother or father type electrically, too? With a Royal all-electric, you don’t have to be a professional stenographer to get professional results. Think how much easier it is to read a recipe if it’s typed. And work brought home from the office will look a lot better on Monday morning if it’s typed electrically.

The perfect high school graduation gift

Compare this great all-electric to any other gift you can think of. This Royal not only helps your son or daughter in almost every college course, but will be useful for the years to come.

What to do with your old typewriter

After you buy a new Royal, why not donate your old one to your favorite charity? The important thing is that your family has a new Royal portable all-electric.

It sounds expensive. It isn’t

The Royal all-electric is the lowest priced fully electric typewriter on the market. Costs just a few dollars more than many manuals. It’s a small price to pay for your child’s future. And for trouble-free service to your entire family.

See your nearest Royal dealer. Royal Typewriter Company Division of Litton Industries

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