Etch A Sketch & Ohio Arts toy ads (1967)

Here are three ads for toys from Ohio Art — the company that made Etch A Sketch famous — which ran in advance of the Christmas season in 1967.

Etch A Sketch

Favorite drawing toy of the century! Just turn the magic knobs to create thousands of designs and sketches on teh magic Etch A Sketch screen. Shake to erase and start all over again. Just like magic! No paper. No pencils. No crayons. No mess. No fuss. Etch A Sketch is instant fun (even for grown-ups) wherever you are — at home, in plane or car.

Start the show! Musical TV in color / Spudsie, the hot potato game / Bizzy Buzz Buzz / World’s most fascinating work bench

There’s nothing more challenging…

More appealing to all ages… more creative… more entertaining, original, educational, travel-perfect, relaxing, timeless in value, intriguing, more ideally perfect as a gift.

Little folks love ’em! (and so will you)

Ohio Art knows the secret of pleasing children… with fresh, exciting toys that stay excising. Toys they turn to again and again. Beautifully designed. Sturdy. Colorful plastic. Every one a work of art. Thrifty prices, too!

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