Early American lamp styles from Grants (1965)

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These lamps are made only for Grants

Grant Crest Early American lamps are like the olden days in Williamsburg, Charleston, or Old Salem. Our own designer makes sure of that. And she sees that the manufacturer follows Grants every specification.

We’re rather fussy, you see. We insist that some are hand-antiqued, some hand-finished, and others have hand-blown chimneys. This kind of detail and workmanship could cost you as much as $15 in other stores.

lamp-styles-aug-1965-vintage-home-decor (2)

Then how can Grants sell them for $9.99? Easy. Other stores may order a dozen or so at one time. We order thousands. In fact, we sold nearly one million lamps last year alone. Selling so many, we make savings we can pass on to you. Big savings. And Grants doesn’t stop at Early American. We have styles for any decor. From boudoir to pole lamps. From imported bristols to crystals. $2.99 to $39.99.

Come see our lamp collection. You’ll quickly know why the W. T Grant Company has been known for values since 1906. Charge it. Then choose one of several ways to pay.

lamp-styles-aug-1965-vintage-home-decor (1)

Grants – W. T. Grant Co. 1,100 family stores coast to coast

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