Death found Kennedy from this window (1963)

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Death found him from this window

From this grimy warehouse window ledge of the Texas School Book Depository, the assassin shot President Kennedy.

Stacked book cartons, one of which still lies in right foreground, afforded him makeshift privacy, but he perilously risked exposure by any passerby. It is not yet known how long he waited, but police found an empty soft drink bottle, a crushed cigarette package and gnawed remnants of fried chicken in a greasy paper bag.

This photograph was made a day later to re-create the scene. The President’s car had just turned left off Houston Street (where white ornamental fence curves at lower left) and onto Elm Street which funnels into the triple underpass. Slowed by cornering, the car was traveling only about 15 mph when it reached the point in the center lane indicated by an arrow. At that moment, two loud, sharp reports were heard and then another.

Measured as sniper’s work, the shooting was remarkably effective. The target was moving. 75 yards from the muzzle and about 60 feet lower than the assassin. And both the President and Governor John Connally were hit within seconds.

Under the window police found three spent cartridges and one unused. Then, hidden between two stacks of books, they found the weapon, a beat-up sawed-off .30- caliber rifle of Italian make fitted with a four-power telescopic sight.

Death found Kennedy from this window-1963

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