Colorful Poly-Pro Form-Fit accent chairs (1961)

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Poly-Pro says “Sit in it”

It’s the new chair of Poly-Pro… the Form-Fit, made by Alladinware

What’s the secret of this chair? Its utterly relaxing comfort. Sit in it for hours, yet rise relaxed. It forms its shape to you. What makes it possible? New Spencer “Poly-Pro” Polypropylene, the virtually indestructible new material from which it’s made. “Poly-Pro” is comfortably flexible — and the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

“Poly-Pro” is extra-light, too. Yet it will easily support a 300-pound man. Permanent, molded-in seat colors and “Perma-Finish” steel legs and cross bracing make this chair ideal for use indoors or out. Will not crack, chip, rust or peel.

No wonder you’ll soon be seeing the Spencer “Poly-Pro” symbol on many wonderful things. Look for it. It’s your assurance of quality.

Choose from 6 mix or match colors. Arm chair also available. Priced amazingly low.


Colorful Poly-Pro Form-Fit accent chairs (1961)

Revolutionary Form-Fit arm & side chairs

F-l-e-xi-b-l-e chairs give you utterly relaxing comfort

Colors: Coral, white, sand, turquoise, black

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