Chevy pickups: Game for anything (1969)

’69 Chevrolet Pickup: Try the pickup ride that’s got the others all shook up.

Chevrolet pickups are designed and built to shake up the competition. Not you.

First, every one gets a fully independent front suspension with modern ball joints. So each wheel can soak up road shock without passing it along to another part of the vehicle. Or along to you.

Then of all the popular pickups, only Chevies get deep-coil springs at all four wheels on most models. Up front, teamed with double-acting shocks that really know how to smother vibrations. In back, two-stage coils for a softer ride when empty, firmer support when loaded — computer-refined for smoothness.

And you get these suspension advantages at prices as easy to take as the ride.

To get the complete lowdown on a Chevy pickup ride, take one today…



Sure, a Chevy pickup is better looking and easier riding. Want to make something of it?

Like a camper… or a work truck… or a 2nd car?

Go ahead. It’s game for anything.

Camping, for instance. There’s a model to tote most any size camper.

Even those cottage-like 12-footers with Chevy’s Longhorn. Reason is: Longhorn has an extra long wheelbase. And extra big 8 1/2-ft box.

Hard work is right up Chevy’s alley, too. There’s enough power to out-muscle most any job. Six or V8 power.

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And such things as double-steel construction will keep Chevies on the job longer.

For second car uses, Chevies offer first car comforts. Like: thick foam seats. And a smooth car-like ride. Plus extras that run the gamut from power steering to plush feet-pleasing carpets.

So you see, Chevy pickups come any way you like. See for yourself. Make it down to your Chevrolet dealer’s, soon…

Chevy pickup 1969

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