Chevy Impala coupes: Ridiculously reasonable (1969)

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The luxury car that leaves you more of the necessities of life. Like money.

Most people would give a lot to own a car like this.

From its hefty loop-around bumper to its distinctive inward-cupped rear window, this new Impala has the look and feel of opulence.

The ride has been refined to new smoothness by an electronic computer, which selects each model’s springs to precisely match its equipment load and the way it’s distributed.

The new 327-cubic-inch V8 is the largest standard engine in Chevrolet’s field.

And among the long list of special equipment you can order, you’ll find such Chevrolet exclusives over competition as a heated Electro-Clear rear window, self-washing headlight and a push-button traction-improving system that even works on glare ice.

But don’t let all the spare-no-expense pains we took with this Impala mislead you.

There’s still one place where we managed to spare plenty of expense. And that, happily, is confined to the price sticker.



You can buy a Chevy cheap. But you can’t buy a cheap Chevy.

Low price is one reason people buy so many of our big Chevrolets.

Another is that we put out nothing but quality cars, even at the low end of the line.

Even the most modest Chevrolet has:

  • A big coil spring at every wheel.
  • A body attached to the frame at eight points with double-cushioned rubber mounts.
  • Heavy steel “guard rails” built into all the doors.
  • Three baked-on coats of defiant acrylic lacquer.
  • Astro Ventilation.
  • Deep-twist carpeting.
  • An anti-theft locking system.
  • An extra set of fenders up inside the regular ones to guard against rusting.
  • Even an ash tray that rolls on ball bearings.

When you make a lot more cars than anybody else, you can afford to put a little more into each car you make.

Or to put it another way:

We can make a Chevy cheap. But we’ll never make a cheap Chevy.




Ridiculously reasonable: Impala custom coupe

There are cars that would ask you to stick out your financial neck for what an Impala has.

For the money you get a huge body. A huge trunk. Huge coil springs at every wheel.

For the money you get a key that locks the ignition, steering wheel and transmission lever in one fell swoop.

For the money you get fenders inside fenders to fight rust and rocker panels that let out water and suck in air to fight rust.

For the money you get the entire front end of your car protected by a one-piece bumper.

For the money you get Astro Ventilation, a steel “guard rail” strengthening every door, a standard 235-hp 327-cubic-inch V8.

There isn’t another car in this whole wide world that gives you all that, for the money.

Impala custom coupe-1969

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