Jet-smooth Chevrolets for 1961

1961 Chevrolet: The car with the jet-smooth ride!

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Here’s the choice that makes choosing a new car easier than ever!

No matter what you pay, you won’t find a car that pays more attention to your comfort than the jet-smooth ’61 Chevy. With Full Coil springs at each wheel, and with hundreds of insulators built into the body and chassis, you enjoy a ride that’s sumptiously soft, relaxingly quiet.

  • New ’61 Corvette. Square your cap and get a taste of the real McCoy!
  • Nomad 9-passenger Station Wagon. One of 6 easier-loading station wagons!
  • Bel Air Sport Sedan. How about Chevy’s new 4-door hardtop roof line!
  • Impala Convertible. Hey, all you top-downers out there — look what Chevy’s got!
  • Biscayne 4-door. Lets you keep to a budget and still enjoy big-car quality.

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The ’61 Corvette



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