Charlie Brown & Linus for Ford Falcon Futura (1961)

“That new Falcon Futura sure is a wower!”

Right, Linus — and the very latest word is… Futura! Every-thing about Futura says “personal,” the contoured twin front seats, the elegant trim and color schemes. Even personal effects get the deluxe treatment — in a sleek new console between the front seats. And Futura gives you two great engines to choose from.

For extra power, there’s a zesty new 170 Special. Then, too, there’s the standard Falcon Six, that proved its economy when a Falcon with standard shift obtained 32.6 mpg in this year’s Mobilgas Economy Run… highest gas mileage ever obtained by a 6 or 8 in the 25-year history of the Run. The new Falcon Futura has all these winning features built in — yet it’s priced even below many standard compacts! See it it at your Ford Dealer’s!

New Falcon Futura by Ford – Compact cousin of the Thunderbird


Featuring Charlie Brown & Linus from the Peanuts cartoons

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