Chrysler ’61, featuring the Newport — a full-size Chrysler in a new, lower price range

Can’t afford it? Price the Newport!

The Newport! The beautiful surprise from Chrysler. Proof that Chrysler’s still in the business of building them full-size only. No jr. editions!

And what do you get for its new, lower price? A new Firebolt V-8 delivered 510 miles on a tankful of regular gas in a Mobil Oil supervised test. Torsion-bar suspension, perennial favorite of the road-test experts. Unibody — one-piece welded, specially padded and sprayed to muffle noise, dipped in seven different baths to prevent rust. And there’s a new aircraft-type alternator that produces electric current even at engine idle.

Road-test the roomy Newport. Then get set for a surprise at the price.


01-13-1961-chrysler newport

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