Backyard & basement amusements for kids (1961)

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A house to play in and a mountain to climb — all in your back yard

This playhouse is guaranteed to have a swarm of kids in, on, and around it all day long, every day.

If you don’t have a saber saw, rent one for half a day to cut out this house. Clamp two sheets of 1/2-inch plywood together and cut both at once as shown in the cutting diagram.

Use a dowel to peg the circle cutout from the door over the peak of the house. Use loose pin hinges on all joints, including the four half panels.

Rainy day fun for children in a basement gym

This children’s gym can be adapted to fit most any basement. The rope trapeze and swing are suspended from floor joists. A camp cot mattress makes a tumbling mat.

The platform to keep the youngsters off a cold floor is plywood on a 2×4 frame. Target is painted hardboard — ideal for suction cup darts.

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