7 science kits for junior geniuses (1961)

Science kits for junior geniuses

Everyone’s talking about “competitive societies” and the “balance of scientific achievements” — but who’s doing anything about it? The toymakers of the country — that’s who.

The need for engineers, scientists, and technologists is lamented, and many wonder how a less-than-perfect educational system can fill the gap with the fresh, eager, young pioneer minds we will need. Well, your own bright-eyed youngster might have his intellect sparked this year with a kit he finds under the Christmas tree. And it won’t be by accident.

The companies making these kits are deeply concerned with our country’s future — and your child’s part in it. Not completely altruistic, some are also wondering where their own next wave of scientists is coming from. This, along with the hope of selling the kits like hot cakes, has encouraged them to combine their skills and resources to introduce a new type of educational kit that will start young people on the adventure of learning through play. In so doing, they have made an investment in America’s youth. You can make this investment pay off, because you are the one best able to spot and develop your child’s interests. You can put into his hands the tools to develop his special talents. What you will give him far surpasses the play value of most “toys.”

Seven science kit picks

We feel that the kits shown here, and others like them in the stores, are bound to turn many a bump of curiosity into a mountain of knowledge. But most important of all, the kids, not to mention their dads, are going to love them.

Transistor radio kit

One of a line of seven assembly kits that might prove to be a breakthrough into the subject of transistor electronics for a teenager, this kit teaches the basic principles of radio transmission. The child learns by building a 3-transistor radio transmitter with a microphone and whip antenna. With it, he can talk through his own nearby radio. As with many other kits, the neat packaging becomes and integral part of the project. $19.95. General Electric Co.

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