’66 Pontiacs: Brougham, Ventura, Grand Prix, Tempest & more

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The tiger scores again! And again!

It’s dramatically fresh and new, but still very, very Pontiac. That’s written all over it, from the no-doubt-about-it new front end to the trimly tailored rear. (Did you think for one minute that we’d leave out the unique Pontiac styling character you like so well? Never!) Another nice thing about the ’66 Pontiacs is that there are more of them — 3 new super-sumptuous Broughams and 4 Venturas.

And of course for you other Pontiac lovers we’ve got a bright new Grand Prix, new Catalinas, new Star Chief Executives — all with new Wide-Track ride and improved cat-quick handling. But you’ll discover those things when you turn one of our new ’66 tigers loose. You’ll find them where all the people are. Where else?

You’re looking at the newest thing in tigers. Sleek, lean-muscled new style. New power that starts with a revolutionary new kind of six and ranges through four V-8’s. Crisp curves shape the new silhouette, and the sports couPe sports a new kind of smartly recessed rear window.

Pontiac’s revolutionary overhead cam six acts more like a V-8, looks like no six you ever saw, and still remembers that saving is what six buyers buy sixes for. Delivers 165 hp (or you can specify the sports package which includes the 207-hp version). And it’s standard on all Tempests, Tempest Customs and Le Mans V-8’s. Up to 360 hp in the GTO.

See all the ’66 tigers. If you can resist buying one, maybe you just don’t like cars.

wide-track-pontiacs-for-1966 (1)

wide-track-pontiacs-for-1966 (2)

Wide-Track Pontiac/’66

The formidable 2.2, also available as a hardtop.

The ultimate tiger: GTO-also in sports coupe and convertible configurations.

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